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Hello readers!  It’s a dying art.  In the age of digital everything and social media frenzy, sitting down to read has become “quaint” and old-fashioned.  Anyone can pop open their Instagram feed and get a quick overview of what is going on in the world at that moment…through images.  What is that doing to us as a society?  A society that is completely removing the ability to research and think on a fundamental level is progressively “dumbing down” we as a people.  We need to know our history in order to progress and we need to take a deeper look inside case studies and certainly the companies we hire.  Anyone these days can pay for a good-looking online presence, but the real picture may be something quite different.

This blog is dedicated to entrepreneurs whom are seeking advice from other entrepreneurs like themselves.  I’ll also occasionally feature an event I’m working on to keep you up-to-date on what I’m up to.

I dream of a world in which we will realize that the only way to turn this ship around is to show our children that reading is the single most important activity that we can incorporate into our daily lives.  If digital media is the wave of the future, then writers must adjust the platforms onto which we distribute information.  I’m part of that and I’m doing my part to execute as much valuable information as possible in a new way.

Through my online magazines and blogs, I’ll take you on this journey with me…digitally.  I spend much of my time researching interesting people and beautiful creations.  Sharing those hidden jewels full of valuable insight that are all around us is always my #1 goal.

My annual print magazine is an Arkansas based wedding publication touted Bridal Savoir Faire.  Bridal Savoir Faire doubles as an annual bridal show where the magazine is distributed and centrals information on our bridal show vendors.  The two go hand in hand, therefore the show is selective about vendors asked to showcase.  Pitch me an idea for an article if you’re interested in submitting. Links to magazine at the end of this bio.

Just to give you a bit of insight about who I am, I split my time between being a Marketing & PR Consultant for the fashion and events industry in addition to being an Events Coordinator.  I work in conjunction with several local fashion designers and event companies in the Little Rock, Arkansas area to help other creators achieve their vision.  I own my own company and am a one-woman-show, although I have plenty of support through interns, volunteers and partnerships.  I am on the Beebe Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and am the Director for WIN of Lonoke County (Women In Networking of Central Arkansas).  My background is rooted in sales and marketing, but I’m really just deep down a total creative type.  I love to write, paint, decorate and be involved with anything design-y.  I have the skill to create and the experience to promote what I create.

…And I LOVE to write!

Women’s social issues are something I champion, because, yes I am a woman, but I also have two daughters.  I want them to grow up in a world that facilitates their empowerment and doesn’t pat them on the head and tell them to “run along and act like a lady, but think like a man.”  Not a fan of that phrase!  We are women and we are not here to imitate men to further ourselves as a species.  How degrading!  Women have innate abilities that we can tap into which allows us to examine situations in a different way than men.  There is no reason that we should not tap into that power which gives us a great advantage in the world.  Needless to say, I’ve been on many charitable and political campaigns for women’s issues including the fight against domestic violence, women’s reproductive rights  and international social change over the years.

To be included in an upcoming editorial for my blog or one of my magazines, please fill out the Contact Form and tell me a little about yourself.  For wedding or event planning, head over to my websites listed below.  If you are a fashion designer, retail establisment or event company and would like to hire me as your Marketing Consultant, feel free to email me at

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