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Crosby Noricks at her book signing for "Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion"Photo credit:  Photo provided by Crosby Noricks
Crosby Noricks at her book signing for “Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion”
Photo credit: Photo provided by Crosby Noricks

By Meredith Corning

Crosby Noricks is the Founder and CEO of a popular fashion PR hub called PR Couture dedicated to providing guidance and enthusiasm for emerging fashion publicists. Unlike the dark personalities reflected from the ‘Kelly Cutrone types’ of the industry, Noricks is funny, positive, down-to-earth, and a real girl’s girl. She has years worth of experience in the fashion PR industry along with a Master’s Degree and award-winning journalistic skills, but Noricks does not stop there. Recently launching her second edition of “Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion,” she certainly has a way with words as an author and speaker committed to teaching others about what it takes to make it in the world of fashion PR. Those interested in learning more from Crosby Noricks should read her books and attend her next workshop she is sponsoring with Danika Daily Public Relations called Fashion PR Confidential. There is no better way to soar with the eagles than by learning from the best.

You are a Fashion PR superhero for so many in the industry. You are an author, CEO of your own company, and media advisor for StyleLikeU. How do you handle your time management and stay organized?

Since 2004, when I started graduate school and worked thirty hours a week, through 2006 when I started PR Couture, until just last month when I left my position at Red Door to pursue new opportunities, I have always had more than one “job.” I suppose I got used to the pace and just never slowed down. I have learned to be efficient and organized with my time through a mix of never ending to-do lists, priority inbox and calendar reminders. But I have often felt like I was treading water, getting just enough done in order to satisfy the immediate needs and quiet down my own demands. I am absolutely loving this new phase in my life, where I have more space to not only tend to what needs tending, but to allow new inspiration to come in. I also could not have done it without supportive friends and cohorts who have generously donated their time and talents to helping me grow PR Couture.

After reading your book, Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide To Breaking Into Fashion, I was inspired by your sassy writing style and impressed by the knowledge you were willing to share to help aspiring Fashion Publicists. What do you believe is the #1 strength someone must have to be in this industry?

Thank you! I suppose I would say perseverance – that extends both to pitching to the media – coming up with stories and angles that grab their attention – as well as just staying the course. And showing up day after day, ready to learn and product great work.

What motivated you to create PR Couture and can you explain what readers will find at

I wanted to create a platform for fashion publicists as well as those interested in fashion PR to be able to learn more about the profession and connect with like-minded souls. We share relevant information for fashion publicists and designers at various stages of career growth and needs. It has always been important to be to showcase a cross-section of people – from interns to CEOs – and to serve readers with everything from the basics to the emerging trends and tools that will keep even advanced publicists expanding their skill-set. In addition to regular interviews with publicists and brands, we offer media lists, a fashion PR agency directory and a job board.

Crosby Noricks receives the Blogger of the Year Award Credit: Photo provided by Crosby Noricks
Crosby Noricks receives the Blogger of the Year Award Credit: Photo provided by Crosby Noricks

Anyone who follows PR Couture or reads your books can feel what a fun and down to earth person you are. However, you do say in Ready to Launch that this business “is not for the faint of heart.” Can you explain?

So glad to hear it – I’m never comfortable with the idea of perpetuating a version of myself that is overly polished or glamorous. It is important to be me, find places to be vulnerable in my work – I think those are the places where true connection and relationship begins. I suppose what I mean by that is that working in fashion public relations, you will most likely experience a fair amount rejection, ridiculous expectations and inflated ego – all of which can make the work exhausting and hard to just shrug off. Of course, there are those who thrive under these circumstances, but if you’re like me, you might take a lot of this stress on, and begin to believe such things are the norm, and it won’t feel very good. I think it can be helpful to know that things are going to be tough, people are going to make ridiculous demands upon you and editors are going to be dismissive and impatient. However, if you know these things are coming, hopefully you can just be like, “oh, this is one of those really hard days,” and let it just sort of run off of you and move on. That said, if you can work alongside supportive, talented people and make that commitment to learn and grow, you will build confidence experience some of the greatest career highs out there!

You offer strategy sessions, speak at events, and have published two books about becoming successful in Fashion PR. What drives you to be such an educator in this field and how has it been rewarding?

I grew up in a family of educators, and the one thing I did not want to become when I grew up was a teacher! However, I have since recognized that I am a teacher, I’m just going about it in a different way. I am lucky, in that I have the ability to coach, impact and nurture others in all sorts of ways that can take place outside the classroom. I can do it through weekly articles on PR Couture, through a workshop like Fashion PR Confidential, or at a seminar, summit or conference. I used to love to watch my parents teach, it was such a creative outlet and they made such a difference on so many students by being kind, accessible and capable of inspiring enthusiasm and community in their classrooms. It’s that part of sharing knowledge that I find rewarding.

Can you tell us what is next for Crosby Noricks?

I’m taking the next few months to tend to PR Couture as well as myself, and see what new opportunities and ideas catch my fancy!

Crosby Noricks, CEO of PR Couture Credit: Photo by Karen Morrison
Crosby Noricks, CEO of PR Couture Credit: Photo by Karen Morrison
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