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Boutique on 57 in Manhattan.  Photo provided by Owner, Kasia Bosne.
Boutique on 57 in Manhattan. Photo provided by Owner, Kasia Bosne.

By Meredith Corning

In the heart of Manhattan sits a little shop called Boutique on 57 ran by a business owner who knows that shopping is not just about buying things, it is about the experience. Kasia Bosne is the epitome of a clever retail business woman who understands that creating a treasure trove of high end inventory is only part of the job. Offering stylist services, events, pampering, and truly developing meaningful relationships with her clients has become Bosne’s mode of operation. In Boutique on 57, shoppers will find the best quality, designer garments at competitive prices, but Bosne’s positive energy filling the store is what keeps her clients coming back for more.

What visual merchandising techniques do you implement in Boutique on 57 and how do you create a signature look for your store?

In Boutique on 57 I use a variety of merchandising techniques to build an aura of prestige, glamour and opulence for the designer brands. The boutique is designed to replicate (my favorite store) the atmosphere of Bergdorf Goodman NY. When designing my space I was very inspired by this store that I love and admire so much. Its luxurious furniture, neutral palette color coordination, fixture displays, crystal chandeliers, and foremost world’s best window displays. I love fresh flowers and cozy shopping comfort resembling your own living room. The entire boutique atmosphere is one of luxury and elegance and gives shoppers the feeling of exclusiveness and signature look of “mini Bergdorf Goodman”.

Owner of Boutique on 57, Kasia Bosne.
Owner of Boutique on 57, Kasia Bosne.

What were you looking for when you scouted a location for your store and how has your choice been effective for Boutique on 57’s growth?

The world’s most luxurious stores are located on the 57th street and 5th Ave.  I have been searching for vacancy at this perfect convenient spot and within steps from Central Park. I needed a small space easily accessible by public transportation with plenty of natural light and good energy.  When I walked in the there for the first time I knew right away that’s where Boutique on 57 was going to be born. I have been very fortunate to be among the most exquisite fashion stores and showrooms around. My clients also love the location and energy of the boutique.  Most of them work or spend time in the neighborhood and can easily pop up to shop during their lunch or spare time.

You often utilize event marketing for your store.  What types of events do you hold and can you give a specific example of when an event increased your sales dramatically?

Special events are big part of Boutique on 57 and are great way to extend our appreciation for loyalty to our clients. In today’s economic climate we want to encourage and build excitement for shopping and brand awareness through strategical event planning. This past Christmas we partnered up with Natura Bisse at Bergdorf Goodman where our shoppers were offered free facials ($350 value) and received Natura Bisse gift bags. This collaboration is mutually beneficial where clients get introduced to products and services and can enjoy free pampering. And foremost look like million dollars, relax during hectic holiday time and get the best deals and offers we store for the holiday season.

Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs dreaming of opening their own boutique one day and what do you consider to be the first step?

Starting your business is a significant event in every ones’s life. It can be full of struggles, and challenges. That’s why the first and foremost step is to always follow your passion. Clarify your intentions. Take action! Prepare yourself to work very long intense hours. Timing is everything, and its up to you to make the difference between winning or loosing. Stay open follow your dreams, test your new possibilities for yourself. Use your knowledge and tools that best resonates with you. When you are passionate, you may be not good at what you are doing in the beginning.  But if you have to do it to follow your passions, experience will make you amazing at it. 

What has been the greatest source of marketing for Boutique on 57 and what are some of your future marketing goals?

In an industry where everything changes with the speed of a concord its essential to create enthusiasm, and excitement. Its not always about selling. Instead, it should be about sharing, connecting, and inspiring! Having a compelling story and being able to effectively communicate that story through creative fashion adds, strategies, events, contests, helps us to create rapport with its potential market and build a relationship.

We additionally developed Online Brand Identity. It lays out the personality of our company with broad products, news, press, and free shipping offering. 

We communicate with our prospects through blog posts, Youtube videos, and social media where building a meaningful community that actually follows us online and feels incredibly positive. Its like bringing Boutique on 57 to life after all. 

We research “influencers” and “innovators” in the industry, reach out to those people, and partner with them.  The marketplace is rapidly changing because of globalization and we intent to be very involved in all aspects of this incredible industry metamorphose.

Owner of Boutique on 57, Kasia Bosne.
Owner of Boutique on 57, Kasia Bosne.
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