How to throw a fabulous boutique event

Clothing display at Bloomingdale's 59th Street store to welcome Jennifer Morrison Star Of ABC's 'Once Upon a Time'. Bloomingdale's 59th Street in New York City. Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Bloomingdale's
Clothing display at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street store to welcome Jennifer Morrison Star Of ABC’s ‘Once Upon a Time’. Bloomingdale’s 59th Street in New York City. Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Bloomingdale’s

By Meredith Corning

New data from the Event Marketing Institute shows that the reach of events is three times more than the actual attendance. This is because of the ‘word of mouth’ effect.

Kim Sullivan, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for the Event Planners Association explains,”Special events create a ‘buzz’ around a product, venue or service. They serve to develop the vital ‘word of mouth’ component desired in a company’s marketing mix. Personal endorsement of an event typically equates to an endorsement of the product/service being promoted. A special event also creates the opportunity to develop a public relations campaign leading to the often elusive and much sought after media coverage.”

Event Marketing Institute reports that, “Those who had an enjoyable experience with a product or brand advocate because of their positive interaction with the company, brand, and/or specific product at an event.”

Knowing this data, one can determine that boutique events are a vital component of the business marketing strategy. So, what ideas can a retail shop use to bring in the public, create a buzz, generate a positive experience, and gain some media coverage?


Offer a free wardrobe makeover contest and stir up interest in your fashion, style, and designs. This also gives an opportunity for the company’s fashion consultants to prove their knowledge and expertise on their professional styling skills showing the winner how to wear their new ensemble, how to accessorize it, and where to wear it.

Special guests

Invite an author who has published a book on the subject of style tips, fashion design, or something related to the boutique’s atmosphere for a special book signing. This gives the author an opportunity to promote their book while creating an event catered to a niche group of clients who may or may not have previously been a customer.

Pampering party

Kasia Bosne, Owner of Boutique on 57 in the heart of Manhattan explains her experience with pampering parties,”Special events are big part of Boutique on 57 and are great way to extend our appreciation for loyalty to our clients. In today’s economic climate we want to encourage and build excitement for shopping and brand awareness through strategical event planning. This past Christmas we partnered up with Natura Bisse at Bergdorf Goodman where our shoppers were offered free facials ($350 value) and received Natura Bisse gift bags. This collaboration is mutually beneficial where clients get introduced to products and services and can enjoy free pampering. And foremost look like million dollars, relax during hectic holiday time and get the best deals and offers we store for the holiday season.”

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